Office Tenant Assistance

Office Tenant Assistance

Services We Offer:

  • Preliminary search of office spaces (brokerage firms handle the actual search, leasing and transaction)
  • Neighborhood-based research beyond your office-space needs, such as retailers, hotels and other amenities that appeal to employees and visitors
  • Employee welcome kits with local maps and guides
  • Opportunities for employees to connect with other organizations in Lower Manhattan
  • Information on the latest incentives offered within our district (see below).

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Incentives Available Within Lower Manhattan

April 2020 Update: 纽约州立法机构投票通过了一项预算,其中包括在未来三年内不改变曼哈顿下城的三项租赁激励措施. The programs include:


For an estimate of the value of these benefits, use our business calculator.

Use the link below to download summary of all available incentives.

Commercial Revitalization Program

商业振兴计划(CRP)的目标是修复曼哈顿下城的旧建筑. 纽约市财政部(New York City Department of Finance)通过两项税收激励措施为CRP提供福利:2美元.50 real estate tax abatement and a Commercial Rent Tax Special Reduction. 这些优惠适用于位于指定消减区内的非住宅或混合用途处所. 申请人亦须缴付某些最低开支,以改善符合条件的处所.

For both portions of CRP, the following eligibility guidelines apply:

Real Estate Tax Abatement (CRP Part I)

Under CRP, the Department of Finance offers a $2.对于居住在曼哈顿下城1975年以前的非住宅建筑并对其空间进行改善的商业租户,每平方英尺50英镑的房地产税减免长达5年. Leases must commence prior to March 31, 2024.  The premises must be located south of Murray Street and the Brooklyn Bridge, west of South Street and east of West Street.


For a list of buildings that qualify for the real estate tax abatement portion of CRP, 点击这里 and for a map, 点击这里.

Commercial Rent Tax Special Reduction (CRP Part II)

The CRT portion of CRP offers an exemption on the commercial rent tax, a tax paid by retailers and commercial businesses with an annual rent of over $200,每年000.  Non-profit companies are not eligible because they do not pay commercial rent tax. 

The tenant must be located in a non-residential building south of Canal Street, and leases must commence prior to June 30, 2023.  Qualifying businesses stand to receive an exemption for up to five years on the tax, which is 6% of the base rent.

工业 & Commercial Abatement Program (毅联汇业)

毅联汇业, administered through the New York City Department of Finance, 在美利街以南兴建的合资格工商业楼宇,可获部分减免或减免物业税,最长可达25年,对发展商有何好处, 现代化, 恢复, 扩大, or otherwise physically improved. 毅联汇业福利的资格还允许参与者通过曼哈顿下城能源计划(lmep -见下文了解更多信息)获得较低的能源费率。.


To access the application for 毅联汇业, 点击这里.

Lower Manhattan Relocation Employment Assistance Program (LM-REAP)

The LM-REAP-EB and SEB programs, administered by the New York City Department of Finance, 提供了一个3美元,000 tax credit per employee, per year to businesses that relocate to Lower Manhattan from outside of the 5 boroughs. The credit may be taken against the NYC General Corporation Tax, the Banking Corporation Tax, the Unincorporated Business Tax, and / or the Utility Tax.

公司在搬迁或扩张到曼哈顿下城之前必须开业至少24个月,并且必须将至少一名员工从城市外的办公室搬到曼哈顿下城. If you are new to NYC, you qualify as an Eligible Business (EB). If you already have a Manhattan presence, but are moving employees from outside NYC to Lower Manhattan, you qualify as a Special Eligible Business (SEB).


For information on the LM-REAP for Eligible Businesses (EB), please 点击这里 and for Special Eligible Businesses (SEB), please 点击这里.

Sales Tax Exemption

这个程序, administered by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, 为建造曼哈顿下城(墨利街以南)的写字楼而购买的商品提供免税优惠。.


下载 a PDF with more information on the Sales Tax Exemption program 在这里.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing

Local Law 96 of 2019 established a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program. The NYC Accelerator PACE Financing Program, administered by the New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation (NYCEEC), 旨在帮助业主实现伦敦金融城在《澳门葡京在线平台》( Climate Mobilization Act by providing access to low-cost, long-term capital for energy efficiency and renewable energy retrofits.

PACE融资可用于资助当地法律规定的能效改善和可再生能源系统, as well as soft costs such as energy audits and feasibility studies, and other hard costs related to the installation or performance of the energy-saving measures. What are the benefits of PACE loans?


Any commercial or multifamily (3 units and larger) building, including tax exempt non-profit and religious facilities, health care facilities, and industrial properties.


NYC Accelerator PACE Financing Guidelines

Lower Manhattan Energy Program

下曼哈顿能源计划(LMEP)由纽约市小企业服务部(SBS)管理。. 该项目以标准价格的45%的折扣提供合格的建筑能源. 好处, which are available for 12 years, are provided to property owners, who may chose to pass along savings to their tenants (government agencies, personal service providers, public benefit corporations, and retailers are not eligible).


The application deadline was extended from June 30, 2020 to June 30, 2023.

To view a list of participating buildings for the LMEP program, 点击这里.

To find out more information about LMEP on the New York City Business Express website, 点击这里.